Stories, Cramps, and, Motivation

Stories, Cramps, and, Motivation
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Since I’m on a bit of a roll here I figured I would pop in and give a daily update. I hope these will improve as the year goes by but for now these quick entries will have to suffice. Here’s the quick break down:

Work for OWS:

I had an hour-long phone conference with one of the authors where we discussed her annual marketing plan. We decided on some next steps she needed to make and she took lots of notes to follow up on. I think we may start having these phone conferences more often as it seems to be the best way for me to grasp where she is and where she needs me.

Work for Writing:

I added 2,000 words to Cinder Baby. I had hoped to finish it today but I’m not going to beat myself up over it. It is almost done. I am super excited. Cinder Baby will be in the 2018 OWS Fairy Tale anthology. All of the stories in this edition will be based on Cinderella. Yay!

Work for Patreon:

I was able to get my poetry reading video done and completely edited today. I really enjoyed the process though I did it a bit differently this time. I’m happy with the end result and you will be about to see it next week on my Patreon page. The poem is entitled “Sunrise,” and it is written in a form called Trijan┬áRefrain. This was a recommendation by one of my favorite poets and authors, Robert Cano.

Work for Product Reviews:

I got all the photos done for the current reviews I need to do and will start posting those tomorrow. Look for some fun stuff on my pages!

Work for the Magic Shop:

I finished gluing the split in the handle of one of the wands. It does not affect the integrity of the wand but I wanted to make sure it would keep the shape of the hemp handle that I will be adding this week after the final clear coat has cured.

Work for My Spirit and Health:

I went to the gym tonight and got a pretty rigorous workout. I sang in the shower. And I am attempting to read through Day Two of my studies. And so it is on that note that I am going to say goodnight.

Until next time, scribe happy and stay sassy!
Blessed be,

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Amanda Hester Amanda Hester is currently working on several projects, including a short story collection, Darker Daze: The Storms Within and the first book in her Chthonian Guardian, Soul Purge, which will be published in early 2016. She has a sci-fi project in the works, Vivamus, which will be released early in 2017.
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    Heather Downes

    That is extremely dark, and a great take on the story. LM x


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