It Turns Out Younique Is Not For Me

It Turns Out Younique Is Not For Me
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Once upon a time, long long ago last June I made a series of decisions that would change the course of my life. The least of which was to sign up with Younique. If you have ever spent five minutes on Facebook, odds are you have seen a sales rep peddling their goods while giving herself a magical makeover.

Even though I had already sworn off MLMs, I chose to sign up with this company for several reasons. I really love the core values of this company and the causes they support. Younique is well-known for their philanthropy to organizations that offer victim support as well as their own efforts to raise awareness.

The Adventure Begins

The rep I signed up with, Danielle Grace, is a great friend and a charismatic woman. I really enjoy watching all her live videos. Her spirit and energy are captivating. The company really pushes the teamwork spirit and drive home the fact that these are powerful, empowering women supporting each other. And the trips look very fun.

So, I was swayed. I invested the requisite fee to become a rep and a snazzy box of goodies was sent to my door. That box sat in my living room, my former living room, for about two weeks before it was packed up with all my other belongings and tucked away in storage. Why? Well, on the larger side of that decision spectrum would be that I left my husband. The hows and whys are a story for another time. So, the Younique box sat in storage while I waded through a bit of chaos and uncertainty.

Then, one September day I was finally about to pull everything out of storage and unpack it in a new home. And the Younique box continued to sit in a corner. I continued to watch Danielle and other rep’s live videos. I continued to ignore the emails encouraging me to hurry up and put on eyeliner or sell something.

Eventually, I opened the box out of curiosity more than anything else. It was full of fun stuff! Pretty eyeshadow and plenty of mascara. Oh, the mascara! That was my hook right there. I once ordered a tube of Epic mascara just so I could finally know if all those comparison pictures were lies. Left eye: The lashes of a fair infant. Right eye: The lashes of a Kardashian. Turns out the Epic mascara is in fact epic.

The Realization

It was then, unpacking the box I had purchased months before, that I realized this was not for me. Yes, I love the products. I love the company. I love the people. But, I realized I am already a force of good for this cause. And I want to do more. I want to do it my way.

I will be revamping my Patreon and I am going to commit to donating a portion of my income from there to an organization that helps women get out of abusive relationships and on their own feet. And as far as a tribe of powerful and empowering women? Got it covered. I have it across the indie author community but more importantly, I have it with OWS. There I work with some of the most amazing women I know!

I will continue to buy products from Younique and I encourage anyone else to as well. At the end up the day, however, I just don’t have that same enthusiastic excitement for makeup that some women do. And that’s ok. I have my own endeavors to work on. Speaking of, have you visited my Etsy shop lately? It’s getting a revamp too!

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